Over the past few years strong relations
have taken place through 3D artists
and creative people who share
the same passion with us for
animation, VFX and storytelling

3wheel studio

3wheel studio

Epagon VFX Studio



Hary WilkeResearch & DeveloperStrengths: Crowd Simulation, Scripting, Modeling,
Animation, Tracking 

Leonidas KoufalisTexture & Lighting ArtistStrengths: Non-Organic Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Rendering

With these people a strong collaboration
has started in order each one of us
to focus to his strong artistic points
and thus,
by working together, delivering
the higher quality possible.

Senior Artists in
Art Direction & Concepts
Modeling ,
Rigging & Animation,
Texturing & Lighting,
and Crowd Simulations
are part of this alliance.